I've gotten so many breathtaking poems from amazingly talented readers, all of which I post on my Instagram @drippingmascara using the hashtag #rhymethisfriday. It's such a rewarding feeling to know that my story is inspiring such mindblowing writing by new poets or receiving attention and time/energy from veteran poets... thank you for your captivating work! All of the poems below are copyrighted by their original authors. Note that I individually came up with the titles/presentation of most of the poems below, and edited a few poems very slightly.


I have organized two sections of poetry below: one set by the highly prolific and incredibly talented Taylor, who co-owns @genisfab on Instagram, and the other set by other very gifted readers of my story. Use the comment feature below to discuss a poem here that touches you deeply, and please let the author of the poem know how much you loved their work by reaching out them on Instagram! Their hard work deserves appreciation, and I personally can't be more honored and touched by receiving such wondorous gifts.



∙ Poetry by Taylor @genisfab ∙

"Those Green Eyes" © 2015

"Battle Scars" © 2015

"Dripping Mascara" © 2015

"Forgiveness" © 2015

"Gone Too Soon" © 2015

"My Fallen Angel" © 2015

"Impatience" © 2015

"Sibling" © 2015

"The Family We Choose" © 2015

"Did it Tickle When I Cried" © 2015

"Dear Heart" © 2015

"Love-Hate" © 2015

"Heartless" © 2015

"Dear Bully" © 2015

"Teardrops Everywhere" © 2015

"Blue Eyes" © 2015

"Dyslexia" © 2015

"Can't Escape" © 2015

∙ Other Mascarette Poetry 

"Inspired" by Amy on Disqus

Six Moving Seasons of Dripping Mascara

"Stained" by @ejfj_awesome

"Shattered Skies" by @keiragh_poetry

"Nostalgia" by @sadie_martin123

"Entwined Souls" by @fabqueen55

"Footprint of Your Love"

"No Goodbyes" by @hairforschool

"Surpassing Centuries" by @kenquo

"Revenge" by @starr.episode

"Naked" by @miss.mascarette

"Fragile" by @officialjolie

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"

"Why Even Bother..." by @andie_kandy

"Lost Ruby" by @little._.boo

"From the Start to the End"

"Contest Entry" by @little._.boo

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©2015 by Genevieve M.

"The Family We Choose" © 2015