Mascarettes, behold the newest addition to my iTunes library: "Empress" by @alinaj0y


I can't express the amazement and surreal honor it was for me to realize that someone so talented was reading my story, fell in love with it, and then had the ambition to make such a beautiful song dedicated to it You said I'm your empress | You said I'm your queen AHHHH THOSE LYRICS! The entire song is so beautiful and had me singing it all day after having it on repeat for hours on end. This song is one of the top three tunes I play in my library and represents something so beautiful to me... Dripping Mascara's first song, something I never ever pictured receiving. The experience of making a cover for this beautiful song was surreal... I never imagined that I would be doing this even in my wildest dreams.


@alinaj0y: sweetheart, you are an angel, and you certainly have the voice of one! I'm so amazed and honored to behold this incredibly touching ORIGINAL MELODY that you wrote and composed all by yourself. This is the best gift ever and will never be surpassed.


UPDATE: Alina will release a Dripping Mascara album, for which the second addition has been "Apology", a portion of which you can listen to above. The album will be released after the completion of Dripping Mascara in early 2017. Mascarettes, show her some love and consider purchasing the album in 2017 when it comes out—100% of profits will go to her. Message her what you think by going to her YouTube video and liking/commenting!

Also be sure to check out Ashley's cover of Alina's original song on YouTube!

Find out more about Alina—and discover just how remarkable, wise, and inspiring this young lady is—by checking out her interview, which was conducted on her sweet 16th birthday on November 27, 2016!

Happy Birthday, Alina!

April 7, 2016 History was made for me when I met Alina and Jade. A week before my elective at a top US cancer center, I had the good fortune of talking to Alina about my trip. I was shocked to learn that I would be minutes away from where she lived, and we were both so excited! I took Alina out to Panera Bread, introducing her to their delicious Mac and Cheese! She gave me the gift of a soundtrack for her next song, whereas I gave her a handmade openable Dripping Mascara book charm necklace personalized with a little guitar. It was such a feel good day full of laughter and surreal elation that we were able to finally meet! Accompanying Alina to say hello were her beautiful mom and two adorable baby brothers. It was too bad that her mom's car got stuck, but I suppose that was the only way I got to meet her dad and grandpa! What a lovely family they were!

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