OCTOBER 2, 2017  For my full THANK YOU speech, please see my Wattpad entry, which you can find by clicking here. Don't forget to vote on it! Just a few weeks before my birthday and a mere month before #threeyearsofdrippingmascara, Dripping Mascara has 5 million reads! On April 2, 2016, it was the first story on Episode with a significant non-romance component to achieve 3 million reads. Thank you SO much for helping me break such records with your devoted readership! This has been a year full of milestones: the story's completion, 10 complete seasons, #threeyearsofdrippingmascara, over 3,000 posts on #drippingmascara, and now 5 million reads! Thank you so much for making 2017 so memorable and exciting. What a great birthday gift this was! 

A shaky ambition borne of a dream—one that I never truly banked on—began to see a sunrise in 09/2014, when I impulsively decided to start writing Dripping Mascara on Episode. I still remember the hell it was to start learning the language of Episode—way before I mastered it, way before I eventually began to set a few trends in it. I doubted I would even publish said story because the learning curve was so steep and I darn near gave up. And when I finally moved past that, I never expected to see this story achieve the heights it has, or travel the story arcs and social issues it has covered. And finally, never in my wildest dreams did I EVER imagine that I would finish the story in a marathon that would take almost THREE YEARS.


Fam, this is crazy.

If I had known in 2014 that this endeavor would take three years, I’d have dropped this ambition faster than a puppy drops sour lemon slices. What a dream, what a crazy adventure—what a historic thing it is for me to see Dripping Mascara completed. FINISHED! My first makeshift novel series. Finally.


I can’t put into words what this story has done for me, what you have done for me both in proxy and directly. Thank you so much for everything.


"Wasted Roses" Wins V-Day Contest and is featured on Episode!

FEBRUARY 10, 2016  Ten days after the Valentine's Day contest entry due date on February 1, 2016, Epsiode announced the winners of the contest, among which stood "Wasted Roses"! Thank you to everyone who supported the story and allowed it to have the honor of becoming featured on the app! This is a great privilege and an honor which I can't be more thankful for. 


To read "Wasted Roses" and to learn more about it, see the news below! Since its initial publication in January, "Wasted Roses"  has been updated with six more episodes for a total of ten episodes.


Wasted Roses Contest Winner Episode

"Wasted Roses" IS OUT!!!

ROMANCE  DRAMA  MYSTERY  TRAGEDY                                                  JANUARY 23, 2016


TEASER  Join Rose as she navigates remembrance, loss, and love in this small town with very big drama, and attempts to move past the roses she wasted just as she is blindsided by the fact that she herself is wasting in the face of unspeakable pain...


SUMMARY  Returning as the only other family doctor in a 20 mile radius to a very small town from which she "escaped" 11 years prior, Roseanne "Rose" Brown feels both nostalgic and bitter. She finds herself unexpectedly nostalgic because she didn't realize how much she underappreciated the simple charm of the farm she grew up in, or how much she missed her dear Granddaddy's hugs after a long day. And yet, an agonizingly familiar bitterness suddenly eats at her when she discovers just how shockingly little some things have changed from the days she spent in her youth wasting "teardrops on her guitar"...

"Wasted Roses" Book Cover

DECEMBER 9, 2015  See the original announcements and professional story review on @epyawardsofficial and http://epyawards.weebly.com/dripping-mascara.htmlIt is such an honor to have my story be represented as the BEST ROMANCE/DRAMA STORY ​of 2015! I entered this contest on January 10, 2015, back when this contest was first announced. The almost year-long endeavor was organized by the highly dedicated and extremely talented Aisha (@authoressthings), author of the EvarCrine series on Episode Interactive. Since January, specially selected judges were chosen for the hard work of reading through and voting on the "very best in interactive storytelling". For the first time in 2015, the contest announced a selection of 5 unique awards to recognize a diverse collection of stories from all categories. "Dripping Mascara" was chosen for the incredible honor of being recognized as the BEST ROMANCE/DRAMA STORY on Episode in 2015!

"Dripping Mascara" wins A 2015 1st Official "Epy Award"!

A "Dripping Mascara" Movie?! With a Littlest Pet Shop cast?

One Wild Year, Two Million Reads!

DECEMBER 23, 2015  Thanks to devoted readership by the Mascarettes, in a little over a year after publication of its first chapter, "Dripping Mascara" is the first story with a significant non-romance component that now has 2 million reads! On May 9, 2015, it was the 4th story on Episode to garner 1 million reads. This is all despite the long episodes that average 2 - 4 times the length of an average Episode. With Christmas so close to to this milestone, the hilarious and sassy @episode_ash on Instagram only has to only one thing to say: "Merry Dripmas"! Writing this story and achieving this milestone has been one of my best Christmas gifts!

OCTOBER 21, 2016  Just a week before my birthday and a mere three weeks before #twoyearsofdrippingmascara, Dripping Mascara has 4 million reads! On April 2, 2016, it was the first story on Episode with a significant non-romance component to achieve 3 million reads. Thank you SO much for helping me break such records with your devoted readership! This has been a season full of milestones: 100 episodes, #twoyearsofdrippingmascara, 2,000 posts on #drippingmascara, and now 4 million reads! Thank you so much for making 2016 so memorable and exciting. What a great birthday gift this was!

TWO Lit YearS, FOUR Million Reads!

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