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Below are messages selected from tens of thousands of reader messages received via

Instagram, Disqus, the Episode Interactive community forums, and the in-app fanmail feature:


“I have cried 16 times whilst reading your story (yes I counted it). Your story is truly beautiful.” | @ozge.cavas


“My life... It's ruined. I feel as if my heart has been torn to pieces and my stomach has been thrown off the cliff... There aren't any more episodes to read! I've been fighting this feeling of emptiness for the past few days. The only other time I felt like this was when I finished The Hunger Games. Ughhhh. I can compare it to The Hunger Games because your story is just as engaging, if not more, haha.” | Hannah R.


“When I downloaded episode, I had 76 episodes of your story to read. I have read it solidly for a week and just came to the end! I am so emotional now I have to wait for more episodes, I find myself missing the characters XD Better than any book I've ever read and such a great deep storyline. You have done yourself proud!! I'm 19, I couldn't imagine accomplishing this at 21. Carry on the great work!! Can't wait for more episodes!!” | @bekahhallx


“Just finished all 71 episodes in less than a week!! Needless to say I'm hooked.” | @linemarie95


“I'm a new player & I'm absolutely hooked on your story! The way you connect chapters & small fragments of information together, my jaw literally drops every single time! …You [have to] turn this story into a book someday, I've been writing for almost 20yrs & I can tell you have a gift.” | @msmedieval83


“How on EARTH did you come up with this complicated plot? Even if I could come up with that, which is highly unlikely, I would've dumped the idea 71 episode ago. Yes it wouldn't even be published. I am in awe.” | @e._.n._.y._.o


“I just want to say that Dripping Mascara is easily one of the most emotional, beautiful, and gripping stories I've ever read… Your plots, characters, and directing skills are so brilliant —Shelley particularly strikes me because she's so UN-cliche--the complexity and depth of her character sometimes keeps me lying up late at night, wondering if I could every portray a character that well.” | Ana C.


“I started over a day ago and I'm already on chapter 30! I'm hooked! I did journalism and also creative writing and I have a lotttttt of experience writing in both formal and informal ways and your work is incredible. I've read many many episodes and never once have I cried or laughed or smiled like I do reading dripping mascara. Like I said your descriptions and the intricate details you put into every movement, every breath, every stare, you're very talented! There's actually been a couple of times whilst reading it that I considered how great of an actual novel this would be!” | @eternalkatie


"I have been utterly obsessed with [your story] for the last 4 days, needing to find out how it ended! I even set alarms for every 3 hours and would stop what I was doing to read your story! […] You've broken my heart, made me cry, made me giggle and made me love all these characters simply by how you portray them and how descriptive you are in your words."

| @lozzaza87


"The past few episodes have literally blown my mind. Even as tragic as it is, Gen, you are truly a gem. Your way with words is incredible, and I'm pretty sure everyone on Epiosode wishes to have a story as amazing as yours. The romance is beautiful, the magic is enchanting, the horror is, well, horrifying, and the drama is incredible.” | Carey M.


“This story is by far the best one on Episode. I'm currently lying on my sofa waiting for the next ep. I adore your story and always feel like I'm reading Malorie Blackman or Maggie Stiefvater (both some of my favourite authors). Honestly, you're one of my favourite authors.” | Livcat


“OMG, you are one of the finest writers that I have ever come across. The depth and emotions in each lines can captivate any mind. And incorporating existing theories as such adds so much to the story and makes it really interesting. Dripping Mascara is something that have included all the genres in one story and that's just mind blowing and can appeal to all kinds of readers. You really should publish these as a book series. I bet it will the best selling series and will break the records set by many other authors. I really appreciate how you manage medicine and writing.” | Nadiya D.


“I love stories like these. The kind of story that makes you feel so many emotions. It's been an emotional roller coaster reading this story, and I'm sure it was one writing it too! I've cried, laughed, smiled, got angry, and felt so many more emotions while reading this story and I'm not sure how you do it, but you are truly amazing. I know everyone keeps saying that this should be a movie, and I know you just think everyone's being nice, but honestly, I would pay money to go and watch this. I can picture it as a movie. I am also so excited for the book to come out! I am definitely buying it and recommending it to my friends! I really feel that once you make this a book, someone will notice it and turn it into a movie! But honestly, I don't know how you do it. I love this story and you!! Keep up the brilliant work and I can not wait to see what happens next!” | Gianna


“My favourite part of the story is Shelley. It's not a "part" per se, but Shelley is by far one of the most relatable characters I have ever come across, if I were to compare her to other characters from all the other stories I've read. The whirlwind of emotions that Shelley went through? I freakin' felt it. All of it. Sometimes I find myself tearing up and I wonder... HOW can someone's writing affect me this much? How am I able to relate so much to this character? To this novel, written by someone I barely knew (in person)? The raw emotions I felt when reading the story is a feeling I can never ever forget. This novel brought me to places — deep places within my heart I never knew I could even reach. And trust me, as positive of a person that I am, it is RARE for someone to move me. And Genevieve, you tugged at ALL my heart strings. Gen, honestly... I am waiting for that day when Dripping Mascara finally becomes a published best selling novel and I get to hold a signed copy of it. Happy #oneyearofdrippingmascara, Gen. @drippingmascara Thank you for writing this. … I will forever stay a true fan, supporter, reader and a faithful mascarette. ILYSM, and happy birthday!!” | @authoressthings, the author of “The EvarCrine Series” on Episode


“Congrats to one of my favorite authors on one year of her amazing story "Dripping Mascara"! If you don't have the Episode app I HIGHLY suggest you download it to be able to read this story! Gen out so much of her energy and creativity to tell a beautiful tale about family, magic, and love. My favorite part is how immersive she makes the story feel. It has quite literally brought me to tears on many occasions! She uses every available resource to make the reader feel as if they really are Shelly. She connects to her readers through her incredible use of descriptive language, true heartfelt emotion, and even sound effects. You can fall in love alongside Shelly, experience deep but none the less incredible sadness of heartbreak, and feel the warm embrace of family all within a single moment. Gen's use of poetry and her power with words in any form has had me go from laughing until I cry, to actually sobbing on my bed at 3AM. No review will do her story justice, so I recommend that you read it and travel along with Shelly for yourself. You WILL NOT be disappointed! Gen is such a powerful story teller and is the absolute sweetest human being! I can't wait to read all that is to come on the adventure that is Dripping Mascara.” | @devoured.books


“From the light, teasing humor to the infinitely darker undertones in this story, Dripping Mascara is perhaps the most brilliant and successful Episode stories I've read...Gen, you're such an inspiration to me (because I want to become a writer...someday), and it's the first story I recommend to anybody new to Episode.” | @writerina


“Let’s just say I’m sitting here with my own mascara & eyeliner smeared around my face like a panda. I have nothing to say today except that this finale was a true masterpiece! As always, your work is levels above all other stories on the app & I’ve definitely become emotionally invested in the plot & characters… The new season looks very promising, I’m going to try to make more time to keep up with any updates, this has become more entertaining than most TV shows these days.”

| @msmedieval83


“There are so many, TOO many aspects of Dripping Mascara that I adore. I admire the way you convey how love is in your story. You bring love to much more a mature level compared to other stories on the episode platform, & it's quite refreshing. You don't incorporate doing the nasty or something as such. You don't incorporate going to clubs & getting drunk on the girlfriend or boyfriend's birthday. You involve visits to each other while [SPOILER], pleasantly surprising their partner [SPOILER]… I was, & still am, deeply in love with that scene, thoughtful gifts on Valentine’s Day [SPOILER], deep conversations that bond them together, & so on. I also love the creativity this novel involves. I can only dream of having the level of imagination you possess. I would have never thought of the concept of [SPOILER], or [SPOILER], or the names of [SPOILER], or the aspects of your characters that make them so relatable. Although I love so many things about Dripping Mascara, I must say that I find beauty in the realism of it. By "realism", I mean that you know very well that life is brutal, & you don't sugarcoat that in your novel, along with the definition that you have created this world with so many things that seem real, as odd as that may sound. Dripping Mascara involves concepts most may not have been considered too often until they read about it in your story (including myself)… [SPOILERS]. Not only do the matters in your novel reflect the epitome of life, but your characters do, as well. You bestowed upon all of them certain aspects that make them come to life in a way most authors cannot accomplish. You bestowed upon all of them certain aspects that make them come to life in a way most authors cannot accomplish. Out of all your characters, I can feel [SPOILER] being a real person. When we, the readers, were introduced to [SPOILERS], I felt . . . him. I could hear the sobs being choked back, I could hear the desperation of his voice, I could feel the hopelessness he was expressing. I gained this strong emotional connection to him, & to me, he pops out so much. Another instance of how realism affects Dripping Mascara is the family love displayed. You have introduced your readers to two lovable families, both of compassion and comfort. Though they are both very different families, both share warmth through the words they exchange and strength through all they have endured as one. I absolutely adore the relationships Shelley has built with Miriam & Teresa (the adorableness of Miriam is irresistible, and the tender, motherly love Teresa has for Shelley warms all of our hearts), along with Bella & Jolie. I’ve always thought that the three of them were cousin goals, to be honest. the two families featured in your novel remind me of my own family, at times. the vast amount of emotions you force your readers to experience through reading Dripping Mascara contributes to how authentic & real it is. Dripping Mascara is many things… a magical romance ("magical" is both senses ), a story of a tragic past & bright future, an escape from the reality you live in, but, most importantly, it's the best story on the episode platform. I love you gen, as do all your avid readers. Continue to sparkle & be the gem you are!! Happy one year!” | @partylikeapringle


“There are so many things that I love about Dripping Mascara. From the Miri Pie movie nights, all the way to the #SHARK and #EMPRESS moments. Those heartfelt moments when [SPOILER]. The moments when we cry with Shelley because [SPOILER]. Or when we're scared because [SPOILER]. Those are the moments that I love. Feeling so in tune to what's happening in the story that you feel like it's you experiencing the whole journey. Anticipating what's to come in the next chapter; formulating what may or may not happen. Trying to figure out the mysterious, magical aspect of this whole saga. Dreaming about when [SPOILER]. But, my FAVORITE thing about Dripping Mascara is the life lessons that I have learned so far. Learning that a heartbreak should never be the end; that there is always going to be another door opened when one closes. Knowing that no matter what happens to you in life, that there will always be friends and family by your side to pick up the pieces of your heart that couldn't come back on their own. I have learned that no matter what type of situation you're put in, that if you put your mind to it, you can solve any challenge put your way. You have to make the most out of what's given to you, and that's what I love about Shelley. I continue to strive to make myself a better person so that I can become as pure and beautiful as Shelley. So I thank you Gen. Thank you for creating this marvelous saga, and thank you for giving me something to strive to be.” | @hannagarrison10


"I’m such a bookworm and I can read from 1 to 3 books a day, making it about 7-10 books a week for more than 5 or 6 years. I have read every classic there is, including all Shakespeare's plays, [many] Nobel prize winner books and a lot of astrophysics as well (that’s my deep passion and I want to major in it! I’m not into young adults books, because I found them quite bad—at least the ones that have come out in the last century or so—but your story is, honestly, incredible, I admit that after playing lots of other episode stories, I underestimated your story before reading it. I thought it was another okay-ish story… but I was sooo wrong. I have been captivated since the beginning, clearly surprised with the amount of detail you narrated each scene and I completely loved the main character, Shelley. She wasn’t the typical incredibly-and- outstanding-beauty-that-all-men-in-the-story-fall-for that I have found in the rest of stories in episode as well as in the majority or young adult books I’ve read. I've found myself setting alarms to know when have new passes to read your story [and in fact] REMEMBER THIS ONE TIME WHERE YOU LEFT THE STORY IN SUCH A CLIFFHANGER I EVEN LET MY ALARM RANG AT 3 AM SO I COULD READ! You are an incredibly talented girl and I found myself crying at some of your episodes without even noticing until I reached a hand to my face and noticed it was wet. I’ve been caught up in your writing and I’ve noticed the effort you put into each chapter. You make me laugh with all your appearances in the chapters, running from the Mascarettes or [getting angry] because of the thesis. You look like such a nice, down to earth girl and I have gotten to really like you not only as a writer but as the person you reflect in each episode. I believe that all of us who write, small or big, known or unknown, leave small pieces of us in each of our writings, letting people get to know [you] little by little, our heart and soul. And you have let people like me get to know you as the hard working and talented girl you are, kind-hearted and smart. From someone who knows about books, you are clearly someone that is needed in this world. We need more people like you to write good books for young adults. You create great content without falling into the cliché topics or using sex as tool to keep people reading—which being honest, that’s why so many books fall in that topic-. Thank you for writing and bringing good content to this world! From Colombia, Maria." | @mariathemap


“I was really excited when I saw that Dripping Mascara was updated 4 episodes! I honestly had never been so hooked to a story so much in a long time. First of all, I would like to say that your story will remain to stay in my favorites until you finish it. And I must say that it's amazing that you have made 75 episodes already, and I could see that number increase to over 100. What is also even more berserk about your story is that including all of those episodes, you have literally the longest chapters I have ever read on episode that I can remember, and I have been on Episode since early 2014. I would also like to say that I have never ever been hooked on to a story such as so where I have been devoted to reading this many chapters of it… I truthfully say to you that you are literally the only story I look forward to reading on Episode now, since most of the stories I used to read I have either finished or the story has yet to be updated. I am just in love with your story. Now to actually touch on the content of your last 4 chapters... Flawless. If I could put it in one word, flawless. But of course, I am Abby, so I never describe things in one word. My biggest pet peeve in a romance story is that, even if it has a few minor differences and plot twists, if I have to include a typical romance story plot summary in the summary, than something is still missing to make it seem too cliche. For the last 20 chapters of your story, you are the ONLY romance story I have read that I can say that that is untrue… I can describe it as a "romantic fantasy" instead of a "Romance with fantasy". That's a GOOD thing, trust me. I honestly love your story so much. As everyone, including me, tells you practically every day, you have the best detailed description words I have ever read, and I mean for a professional book. Divergent is my favorite book and I think that you are more descriptive to Shelley's situation rather than Tris is to her own situation. Your details are inspiring. BUT ANYWAY... so much makes sense now. I love how you flash back to the times that we were all pretty much 100% that it didn't matter yet... as that Astrid situation with Salma was already a shocker in itself by just plainly saying it in the previous episodes. So many spoilers and so much information that just makes sense now... your story is even more complex than I actually thought it was, and that was already pretty complex.” | Abby G.


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