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#SHARK pendant

#SHARK pendant

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price

These handcrafted bezel glass pendants will make any Mascarette swoon! The Mascarette's lingo is one that not everyone understands—all things from the significance of an attic to the color green to the unassuming ship names that no one else knows why your phone strangely autocorrects into ALL CAPS. Have a definition ready sitting right over your chest the next time you get a question about that by donning one of these statement piece pendants! Paying homage to the appreciation of all things vintage in Dripping Mascara, these pendants enclose dictionary definitions for #SHARK that are anything but ordinary. Strike a conversation with curious folks who don't have Dripping Mascara fever and brandish your Mascarette pride boldly with this beautiful jewelry. Who says multitasking had to be difficult? Wear it as a necklace, affix the charm to a bracelet, or hang it on your backpack... the possibilities are endless!


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  • CARE & USE

    Avoid exposure to water and soap. Keep dry. Avoid sleeping with chain on.

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